People & Culture Solutions

The business world is rapidly changing. Organisations are looking to enhance their competitive position through building a strong culture focused on productivity, innovation and continuous improvement. Leaders of today require enhanced skills and capabilities to navigate their businesses and lead their teams through change and market volatility.

Our People & Culture Solutions Team works with clients as trusted advisers, delivering critical insights and going the extra mile where we can. We believe clients lead and consultants provide full support in terms of experience, thinking and resources. Our People & Culture Solutions Team are experienced Organisational Development Consultants who work across an array of industry sectors.


Staff and employees receive messages about your culture through everyday actions including behaviours, symbol, systems and hidden drivers.

Vision & Values

A clear understanding of the long-term aspiration of the organisation and complete buy-in of internal values builds cohesiveness and galvanises people around a common purpose.

We work with clients to facilitate the development and internal alignment of Vision & Values. Specifically, we:

  1. Work with the Executive Team to develop a Vision Statement for the organisation.
  2. Assess if existing Values are aligned internally using our Employee Survey Tool, staff discussion groups or management interviews.
  3. Work with the Executive Team to develop a set of Values and corresponding behavioural statements.
  4. Review and embed the Vision & Values into HR processes, including recruitment, on-boarding and performance management.
  5. Develop an internal communications program to promote the Vision & Values.
  6. Develop an employee engagement program to encourage ownership of the Vision & Values.
  7. Develop a Vision & Values Leadership Program to ensure leaders walk the talk.

Our specialist Organisational Development services include:

  1. Building High Performance Teams

Conducting 360 feedback, designing a team effectiveness model for your organisation, customised skills development and team building workshops and 1:1 coaching.

  1. Leadership Development

Undertaking a capability assessment, developing competency frameworks, building a best practice leadership model, customised training programs and 1:1 coaching.

  1. Talent Management Review & Development

Development and implementation of a Talent Management Framework, inclusive of a workforce planning process.

  1. Change Management

Review, design and implement an optimal organisation structure, development of an end to end change management pathway, undertake pre and post assessment to establish effectiveness and successes.

  1. HR Optimisation and People & Systems Review

Building a best practice HR function for your organisation, reviewing people systems to ensure they support and promote the required culture and business strategy.

Behavioural Profiling & Values Assessment

Through our hub of accredited consultants we also provide the following behavioural profiling and values assessment tools:

  1. Human Synergistics Life Styles Inventory (LSI1 and 2)
  2. Barrett’s Cultural Transformation Tool (CTT)