Market Research

Finding a competitive edge is now even more important and this stems from knowing your customers and stakeholders better than your competitors do.

Q: How do our clients find that competitive edge?

A: They engage our market research to provide intelligence & insights.

What is market research?

In the era of big data, effective market research is so much more than simply conducting surveys. At the Right Group we are innovative problem-solvers, always looking at new ways to cut through data and extracting insights that create meaningful results. We have been delivering actionable market insights for our clients' businesses for over 18 years. Our solutions are tailored to your needs and we work with you to tackle complex problems with practical solutions for your business.

Our specialist Market Research solutions cover:

Brand Health
Assess the strength of your brand and monitor it over time, building a comprehensive profile of your brand equity.

Customer Behaviour
Track everything your customer like about you and your competitors, so that you can work smarter.

Retail Analytics
Access timely information about your customers, trading areas and competitors so you can give customers what they really want.

Product and Market Development
Identify new product and market opportunities for your business, to help maintain sustainable growth.

Corporate Reputation
Gain real insight into the perceptions of key stakeholders, to measure their confidence and advocacy towards your company.

Mystery Shopping
Customised mystery shopper programs are a powerful tool with which to identify opportunities for growth and improvement.

Stakeholder Engagement Interviews
Stakeholder interviews allow you to understand the 'why' and are an excellent way to obtain stakeholders' buy-in.

The Right Group is highly skilled at gathering the intelligence you need about your customers, stakeholders and competitors, making a measurable difference to your organisation.


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