Employer Branding

A compelling employer brand makes it easier to attract and retain the right people.

Employer Branding Strategy Development

A strong Employer Brand makes it easier to attract and retain the right people to your organisation

Attracting and retaining people has never been more difficult. The skills shortage and a shrinking workforce means that employees have more employment options than ever before.

What is an Employer Brand?

Your employer brand is a bundling of functional, economic and psychological benefits that you provide people through employment with your company. These benefits need to focus on the most compelling reasons a candidate would firstly choose to join your organisation and secondly why they would choose to stay.

A key component of employer branding is the development of an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that communicates the central value message conveyed by the brand.

Effective employer branding strategy ensures that what is promoted to external candidates is reflective of the 'real experience' people have when working for the organisation. This ensures consistency between claims made in recruitment campaigns and what employees actually experience when they join.  Attraction aside, employer branding is equally focused on retaining the right people.

Every organisation has one but is your employement branding working for you?

  1. Are you able to attract the talent that you need?
  2. Employee retention: Are you able to retain your key talented employees?
  3. Are you getting the best productivity from your people?
  4. Do you have a unique and identifiable employer identity that is aligned with your company brand?
  5. Do you have a central value message conveyed through your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that clearly differentiates your organisation from your competitors?
  6. Is your EVP embedded in all your HR practices and organisational culture?


Employment Branding


What impact would a strong employer brand have on your business?

  1. Attract the best candidates
  2. Retain the best people
  3. Reduce turnover rates
  4. Increase productivity
  5. Decrease recruitment costs
  6. Improved results from internal referral programs
  7. Create brand advocates

How The Right Group can develop your Employer Brand

Employer Branding Framework

The Right Group can assist your organisation to formulate and deliver a unique and compelling employer brand utilising our proprietary process TalentMAGNET™.

Our five-phase framework is customised for each client to suit their needs and business outcomes.

  • Phase 1 - Audit & AnalysisEmployer Branding
    • Understand your people strategy, organisational goals and objectives. Understand what life is actually like for employees of the organisation.
  • Phase 2 - Employee Value Proposition Development
    • Develop an EVP which is cross-referenced with the strategic aims of your organisation which will differentiate you as an employer to retain and attract key talent.
  • Phase 3 - Testing & Approval
    • Test EVP statements across your organisation.
  • Phase 4 - Alignment & Communication
    • Integration of the EVP throughout your organisation, embedding the EVP in all HR practices including recruitment and talent management strategies.
  • Phase 5  - Management & Metrics
    • Measuring and managing the impact of the employer brand against your organisation's objectives.


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