FIFO Surveys

WeatherVANE™ is customised to the FIFO environment to address specific challenges of attracting and retaining FIFO workers.

Skills shortage in the FIFO environment is an increasing problem; thus employers not only have to know who and how to attract and retain, but also their point-of-difference. Our research experience in the resources sector means that we understand the different and specific challenges of attracting and retaining FIFO workers. This has helped us customise WeatherVANE™ to address the unique issues in employee engagement for FIFO workers.


Model for Employee Engagement in FIFO


This proprietary methodology makes us one of the foremost specialist employee research firms in the resources industry. Given our experience in this sector, we are also able to provide industry benchmarking for the Employee Engagement Index, which extends to all levels in an organisation across sites, divisions, departments and employee groups. Our experience in on-site employee research ensures that the recommendations are relevant to worksites and can have a direct impact on productivity.

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