Retail Analytics

RetailKIT™ gives you timely information about your customers, trading areas, and competitors so you can give customers what they really want.

Today’s consumers are more sophisticated and demand more value for money than ever before. Successful retailers are those who truly understand the needs of their customers, stay abreast of changing consumer and retailing trends, and monitor competitor activities.

Are you delivering your customers maximum value for money? .

With over 20 years of retail research expertise working with some of Australia’s leading retailers, The Right Group’s RetailKIT™ is a toolbox of research solutions including:

  • Brand equity and positioning studies
  • Shopper behaviour, satisfaction and loyalty surveys
  • Advertising and campaign effectiveness tracking
  • Competitor price surveillance
  • Mystery shopping
  • Catchment area studies
  • Product category management

RetailKIT™ provides clients with rigorous analysis and a set of actionable recommendations that can complement their existing retail metrics.



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