Customer Insight

CustomerMAP™ tracks everything your consumers like about you and your competitors so you can work smarter.

Companies need to maximise the impact of their internal and external activities and spend. Addressing this requires in-depth and timely market insight into the entire customer journey.

How well do I know my customers and what makes them tick?

CustomerMAP™ provides our clients with a comprehensive understanding of what consumers like about their product, service, processes, campaigns, and how this influences their satisfaction and loyalty. CustomerMAP™ utilises a mixed methodology of qualitative and quantitative techniques to identify critical consumer ‘touch points’ and ‘triggers’. We specialise in:

  • Customer satisfaction and needs analysis
  • Delighters and pain points along the customer journey
  • Drivers of buying decisions
  • Customer segmentation analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Customer loyalty studies
  • Drivers to attract potentials, retain current and switch lapsed customers