Corporate Reputation

CorporateSCAN™ comprehensively surveys perceptions amongst key stakeholders to measure their confidence & advocacy towards your company.

Your company’s reputation is an asset; so managing the perceptions of stakeholder groups can create the kind of confidence and advocacy that competitors just can’t acquire overnight. A positive reputation enhances profitability because it attracts customers to products, investors to equities and employees to jobs.

What is my company’s standing in business, industry, and the community? .

CorporateSCAN™ is a systematic survey of opinions and perceptions across a range of stakeholders including investment analysts and brokers, media, industry opinion leaders, retail and institutional investors, regulators, labour markets, local communities and the general population at large.

CorporateSCAN™ provides the client with a Corporate Reputation Scorecard and a Reputation Index that can be used to monitor performance and benchmark against other companies, including direct competitors.