Brand Health

BrandGPS™ navigates the positioning of your brand to create superior value. 

Consumers are less likely to purchase brands they don’t connect with. Market-leading brands can command greater loyalty, higher prices, and attract new customers more easily.

How does my brand perform against competitors? 

Whether your priority is to assess the strength of your brand or monitor it over time, BrandGPS™ is our proprietary Brand Insight solution that measures brand equityBrandGPS™ employs leading-edge research methodology from a wide range of proven techniques to answer the following questions:

  • Who knows of my brand and who doesn’t?
  • What are the main drives of the purchase decision in my sector?
  • What are the associations and beliefs held about my brand and competitor brands?
  • Is my brand unique in the marketplace?
  • How does product or service performance impact my brand?
  • How loyal are customers to my brand?

Through BrandGPS™, we work with our clients to develop a comprehensive profile of their brand equity, incorporating the following insights:

  • Measures of brand impact (awareness and preference)
  • Brand positioning grid and competitor mapping
  • Brand personality and associations
  • Brand equity measuring the overall performance and customer loyalty to the brand
  • Brand Tracking Dashboard
  • Advertising and campaign effectiveness
  • Recommendations to improve loyalty and strengthen brand equity



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