Innovation Strategy


Innovation is a key driver of sustainable success.

Having a culture where workplace innovation thrives delivers a positive impact on business performance. Research shows ‘Leader’ organisations who support innovation through their structure, leadership and culture enjoy increased revenue and profitability as well as more engaged employees, better levels of productivity and higher customer satisfaction.

In a world where change is the norm, it is important that organisations are constantly being innovative to improve themselves, be nimble and flexible to change. This is what sets apart ‘leaders’ from the ‘laggers’.

Measuring a culture of innovation

LAUNCH™ is The Right Group’s proprietary innovation tool. It provides the following:

  • A bespoke survey tool that measures innovation in your organisation. The survey can be administered to your people across multiple forums; paper-based, mobile, tablet or online.
  • Both internal (organisation-wide) and external (industry) benchmarks of innovation performance.
  • Identifies where your organisation performs well on innovation, where it doesn’t and the critical drivers to focus on to develop and foster a culture of innovation.
  • By examining global innovation best practice, LAUNCH™ provides a quantifiable measurement on the key enablers of workplace innovation. Our diagnostic template is framed around:

Launch Innovation Diagram
Developing and fostering a culture of innovation

Developing a clear innovation strategy is paramount to building and maintaining the capacity to innovate across your organisation.

Utilising our Innovation Toolkit, The Right Group will work with you to co-create and implement your innovation strategy, promote alignment among diverse groups within the organisation, clarify objectives, pin-point priorities and help focus efforts around them. We provide clients with a robust, seamless pathway to becoming innovative.