Employee Engagement Surveys

WeatherVANE™ measures the sentiment and culture of an organisation through employee engagement.

WeatherVANE™ is our proprietary Employee Engagement research solution. Its theoretical framework is based on models of organisational effectiveness from thought-leading sources including the Journal of Applied Psychology and Harvard Business Review. Over the years, The Right Group has amassed a customisable databank of tested measures of employee engagement and the organisational elements that drive it.



Clients can expect the following benefits from WeatherVANE™:

  • Baseline Employee Engagement Index score for your organisation
  • Profiling of employees into different Engagement Segments from Highly Engaged to Totally Disengaged
  • Internal and external benchmarking
  • Identification of Employee Engagement drivers and critical areas for improvement
  • Strategic Recommendations in line with people and business strategy
  • Opportunity to explore and validate findings with your people through Action Planning Groups 

The outcome of WeatherVANE™ is a comprehensive and customised diagnostic tool that will help managers better understand employee engagement, while identifying areas for improvement. Our actionable recommendations are based on the latest thinking and best practices that will help managers improve productivity and lower staff turnover.