Action Planning Workshops

What are Action Planning Workshops?

Action planning workshops are facilitated discussion groups with Senior Leaders and different segments of employees that allow an organisation to understand the root cause of key areas of concern identified in the results of an Employee Survey.


Why Action Plan?

It is the natural next step to close the loop when measuring Employee Engagement. It ultimately translates strategic insight into action which is beneficial to not just the employee but the organisation.

The benefits of Action Planning include:

  • Engages employees: Inclusive process that provides employees with a voice to solving the key challenges in their work experience
  • Identifies (for the organisation) the most salient issues as well as providing context on these
  • Separates the ‘real organisational areas for development’ from those issues that are driven by employee behaviour, misperception or lack of information
  • A problem shared is a problem halved: it provides suggestions for change but also shares the accountability of the actions across management and nominated employees in the workforce

We have the expertise in-house to develop, facilitate workshops and provide an actionable work plan for your people and business strategy.