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Creating a Culture of Innovation in the Workplace

Workplace innovation is not a one size fits all model. How it is defined and played out in reality will be unique to each organisation. Do you have the building blocks to begin fostering a culture of Innovation?

17 November 2015

How to create a high performance culture?

Creating a High Performance Culture is something that is top of mind for all leaders. Gallup undertook a study (2013) on high performance culture and identified managers as the key to influencing this outcome.

11 August 2015

Maintaining the Employer Brand during Retrenchment Periods

The Australian economy has been held up as a shining example to nations who, since the Global Financial Crisis, have been struggling with skyrocketing debt levels, unstable currencies and massive unemployment.

12 July 2015

The Right Group – Rigzone present their research into Employee Engagement in the Oil & Gas Industry

The first study of its kind in Asia Pac, click below to see our presentation of key findings just presented last month at the Australian Oil and Gas Conference here in Perth.

8 April 2015