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Can video help you win more customers?

Getting potential customers to your website is one thing. Getting them to linger for longer and engage with your content is another challenge altogether.

17 March 2016

Innovation in Advertising- John Lewis Leverages The Power Of Digital

The countdown to Christmas in the UK has begun with the launch of the John Lewis Christmas advert - But what makes it so successful?

9 November 2015

Digital Innovation – Driving a new age of Customer Centricity     

Digital means that we have increased mobility in the way we work- you can now work from anywhere! However, one of the biggest impacts of Digital Innovation is the shift of power and control from businesses to customers.

23 September 2015

Building your brand in a digital world

The digital era has brought about a whole new way in which consumers interact with brands. Most consumers consult reviews on-line before making a purchase and Google estimates that 61% of mobile phone searches are for product information. Social media has also enabled consumers to share information more freely and more quickly than ever before.

25 August 2015