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Brand and Innovation Important Drivers of Growth

There’s no doubting that brand and innovation are interdependent. Brands give innovation meaning whereas innovation can strengthen brand equity.

26 October 2015

Dettol – Australia’s most trusted brand

In July 2015, Dettol was once again announced as Australia’s most trusted brand according to the annual Reader's Digest Survey. Bunnings, our client for 20 years, was again awarded the winning retail brand. The poll was conducted across a sample of 2412 respondents across 46 categories of products and services.

18 August 2015

Connecting your culture with your brand

How do your employees interact with and engage customers? How would your customers describe their experience? Do your customers have an expectation on how your employees will represent your brand? Internal Branding in essence is 'living' and 'delivering on' your organisation's brand promise.

4 August 2015