Brand Strategy

Your brand is more than just a name or a logo. It drives perceptions of your business and it distinguishes you from your competitors. It is what lies at the heart of your company, culture and reputation. Irrespective of market conditions, developing and managing your brand is key to helping you to compete successfully.

Our underpinning philosophy is that highly successful organisations are created on the basis of a clear understanding and alignment of where they are heading (Vision), how they behave (Values) and what they stand for (Brand). We adopt this when working with our clients to build compelling brands.

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With 20 years’ experience in Australia and globally, we are focused on building brands for clients which add commercial value to their businesses. We’re not in the business of pretty pictures and cute messages!


Our services fall under two, intrinsically linked streams:


Brand Audits

Keeping your brand relevant and in tune with your customers and your people is a challenge. Our brand audit tool provides you with a structured approach to deeply understand how you are currently perceived relative to your competitor’s, and areas to improve to strengthen your position.

Brand Blueprint

Using our proprietary tool, BrandCultureMAP™, we work with clients to build a brand leadership position, one that will not only clearly differentiate you but one that can be defended when challenged.

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Our Brand & Culture Framework enables you to understand what you need to stand for and have this connected with all parts of your organisation.


Businesses change over time whether your business is going through a merger, takeover or expanding its service range you may be considering a name change. Rebranding can be risky if not managed properly. Our team has worked on several of Australia’s largest rebranding assignments. We draw upon this experience to ensure our client’s successfully navigate through the rebranding challenges and pitfalls.

Brand Architecture

Managing multiple brands, products or services can become confusing for both you and your customers. We will work with you to develop a brand architecture that defines your brand and explains the value of the relationships between the different products, services, and components of your business. A clear and well thought through brand architecture provides a blueprint that guides how to grow your brand in the future.

Brand Design/Refresh

Based on a clear strategic direction and distinctive positioning, we can work with you to bring your brand to life visually. We can assist you with logo design and advise how to execute your brand across key mediums and collateral.

We can also help you make adjustments to your branding to ensure it stays fresh and relevant in the changing market. See our branding and design services.

Employer Branding

Attracting and retaining the right people is not easy. Get it wrong and the cost to an organisation can be significant.

Central to developing an Employer Brand is the Employee Value Proposition (EVP), which communicates the intrinsic value conveyed by your organisation to employees.

Using our proprietary tool, TalentMAGNET™, we work with clients to build a compelling Employer Brand. We ensure your EVP reinforces your talent strategy, sets you apart from the competition and is delivered across all key employee touchpoints, i.e. what is promoted externally is what employees experience internally.

We can work with you to transition your EVP into an eye-catching Recruitment Marketing Program and Internal Communications Plan.


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 Our Employer Brand Framework is customised to suit their needs and goals.


Your brand represents your company, but how well does your company represent your brand?

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We work with clients to ‘live and breathe’ their brand through our BrandALIGN™ program. The program is designed to assist organisations to strengthen the internal alignment of their business with their brand, ensuring both are indistinguishable. We ensure our clients are able to deliver on all key promises made, thus avoiding internal confusion and customer disappointment.

BrandALIGN™ is tailored to our client’s individual needs, objectives, maturity and budget.   Key elements of the program are:

  1. Formation of a Lead Steering Group to oversee the implementation, report on key wins and generate future ideas and initiatives to keep up the momentum.
  2. Development of an ongoing Internal Communications Program. We’ll work with you to design a plan that launches your brand internally and keeps it front of mind with your people.
  3. Brand & Culture Leadership Development. Leaders play a critical role in infusing your brand amongst your people. Our Brand & Culture Leadership Development Program comprises of a series of workshops to encourage and develop your leaders to lead by example.
  4. Employee Engagement Program. We’ll work with you to design and implement an engagement program for your people.
  5. Operating Structure & Process Alignment. Being able to deliver on your brand is not just a function of employee behaviour. It’s equally about how your organisation brand operates internally. We work with client’s to identify, review and align key procedures and processes that act as brand touchpoints between your business and the customer.