Connecting your culture with your brand

How do your employees interact with and engage customers? How would your customers describe their experience? Do your customers have an expectation on how your employees will represent your brand? Internal Branding in essence is 'living' and 'delivering on' your organisation's brand promise.

4 August 2015

Maintaining the Employer Brand during Retrenchment Periods

The Australian economy has been held up as a shining example to nations who, since the Global Financial Crisis, have been struggling with skyrocketing debt levels, unstable currencies and massive unemployment.

12 July 2015

The Right Group – Rigzone present their research into Employee Engagement in the Oil & Gas Industry

The first study of its kind in Asia Pac, click below to see our presentation of key findings just presented last month at the Australian Oil and Gas Conference here in Perth.

8 April 2015

The Right Group – Rigzone Survey Finds Strong Industry Loyalty Among Oil & Gas Asia Pac Employees

The Right Group and world’s premiere oil and gas online portal Rigzone found that oil and gas professionals maintained a strong sense of loyalty to the industry in spite of recent turmoil in the sector, according to a joint employee engagement survey released recently.

1 April 2015

Why Brand Alignment is so important

True brand alignment results from having the brand in line with the customer and employee perceptions of an organisation and the activities and level of commitment and intent demonstrated both internally and externally by that organisation.

3 March 2015

Billboards as a Brand Strategy Tool

Out of home (OOH) advertising may be seen by some as old-fashioned and overrated, but some brands are taking advantage of this platform, particularly in combination with modern technology, to differentiate their product.

9 December 2013