Digital Innovation – Driving a new age of Customer Centricity     

Digital means that we have increased mobility in the way we work- you can now work from anywhere! However, one of the biggest impacts of Digital Innovation is the shift of power and control from businesses to customers.

23 September 2015

Workplace Innovation can be Simple!

In a world where change is the norm, it is important that organisations are constantly being innovative to improve themselves, be nimble, and flexible to change. This is what sets apart the ‘leaders’ from the ‘laggers’.

15 September 2015

Speaking the language of your Customers

When it comes to market research we are often guilty of speaking a different language to our customers and also assuming that they know what we mean.

8 September 2015

Building your brand in a digital world

The digital era has brought about a whole new way in which consumers interact with brands. Most consumers consult reviews on-line before making a purchase and Google estimates that 61% of mobile phone searches are for product information. Social media has also enabled consumers to share information more freely and more quickly than ever before.

25 August 2015

Dettol – Australia’s most trusted brand

In July 2015, Dettol was once again announced as Australia’s most trusted brand according to the annual Reader's Digest Survey. Bunnings, our client for 20 years, was again awarded the winning retail brand. The poll was conducted across a sample of 2412 respondents across 46 categories of products and services.

18 August 2015

How to create a high performance culture?

Creating a High Performance Culture is something that is top of mind for all leaders. Gallup undertook a study (2013) on high performance culture and identified managers as the key to influencing this outcome.

11 August 2015