Innovation in Advertising- John Lewis Leverages The Power Of Digital

The countdown to Christmas in the UK has begun with the launch of the John Lewis Christmas advert. Been around since the mid-1800s, John Lewis is a chain of upmarket retail stores operating throughout the UK. Their annual Christmas ad, first started in 2007, has begun somewhat of an annual festive tradition signalling the start of Christmas shopping season. The adverts are innovative and are always well received by the public, with media coverage upon their release driving interest and helping to promote the brand.

This year the company put digital first and premiered the advert on Youtube a day ahead of the normal TV showing. Entitled “Man on the Moon”, the advertisement, shows a young girl discovering an elderly man living alone on the moon. The campaign has a strong social theme in that it aims to raise awareness for the needs of the elderly.


The campaign includes a smartphone game and merchandise, including glow in the dark pyjamas, as well as areas decked out like the surface of the moon in 11 stores.

John Lewis has drummed up a teaser campaign on TV and social media using the hashtag #OnTheMoon. The Facebook page has over 50,000 followers while last’s year’s Youtube ad had close to 25 million views.

The key to a successful ad is one that connects the brand with its audience, is memorable and easily recalled and has a call to action. John Lewis has achieved this year after year with its Christmas ad by not being predictable and not only by delivering engaging content but showing innovation in the way it is delivered.