Can video help you win more customers?


Getting potential customers to your website is one thing. Getting them to linger for longer and engage with your content is another challenge altogether.  If a picture tells a thousand words then a video tells over a million. So if you’re looking to get your message across, then video is definitely the way to go!  It also greatly improves the quality of your website by visually demonstrating through examples of your work and case studies how you can help your prospective customers.

There are other advantages as well. For Google, content is king so web pages with video are more likely to rank on the first page of searches. For email marketing, research has shown that using the word video in the email subject line can increase open rates by 19%. Invodo’s annual benchmark research in 2015 found that mobile video views increased by nearly 150% year-over-year. Seemingly mobile media now account for 45% of total video views.


Social media has seen an explosion of video as well. In Facebook alone there are an estimated eight billion video views daily. Casey Neistat is a well known vlogger (video blogger), he creates popular YouTube videos and has taken the art of video to a new level. With over 2.3million subscribers on Youtube, he has turned simple video shooting into an art form and his growing audience is attracting to leading brands such as Nike etc. Check out his video here.

However, Casey Neistat is a special talent and it is important that any video you develop truly reflects your brand and your business. The following things are important to consider for your on-line video:

1) The video must have high production values e.g. it must look professional- an unprofessional looking video will deliver an unprofessional image for your business.




2) The story must have an appealing angle for your clients – sounds obvious but it is amazing how many people bang their own drum.

3) Shouldn’t be too long –attention spans are short so don’t try to cram in too much content. Keep it short, visual and interesting.