Can video help you win more customers?

Getting potential customers to your website is one thing. Getting them to linger for longer and engage with your content is another challenge altogether.

17 March 2016

What is driving the buzz around innovation? We asked Perth’s business leaders

The Right Group hosted a series of breakfast discussions with Perth’s leaders on the subject of innovation. Everybody agreed that innovation is a hot topic at the moment and one of the questions we asked was what was fueling the buzz in the market? Here is what they said.

26 November 2015

Creating a Culture of Innovation in the Workplace

Workplace innovation is not a one size fits all model. How it is defined and played out in reality will be unique to each organisation. Do you have the building blocks to begin fostering a culture of Innovation?

17 November 2015

Innovation in Advertising- John Lewis Leverages The Power Of Digital

The countdown to Christmas in the UK has begun with the launch of the John Lewis Christmas advert - But what makes it so successful?

9 November 2015

Innovation in Market Research: Are We Stuck in Previous Centuries or Changing with Times?

Innovation is the new buzz word… but when we think about ‘innovation’ in market research, what comes to mind?

2 November 2015

Brand and Innovation Important Drivers of Growth

There’s no doubting that brand and innovation are interdependent. Brands give innovation meaning whereas innovation can strengthen brand equity.

26 October 2015