Yearly Archives: 2013

Billboards as a Brand Strategy Tool

Out of home (OOH) advertising may be seen by some as old-fashioned and overrated, but some brands are taking advantage of this platform, particularly in combination with modern technology, to differentiate their product.

9 December 2013

What really motivates your employees?

What really motivates your employees? It is the million dollar question every recruitment consultant, HR representative and business asks themselves everyday.

2 December 2013

Does your organisation love you?

An organisation’s life is an organic beast: it must be monitored, given nourishment, and occasionally scolded once in a while. So why do so many organisations, over a 5 year period, look like they binge eat until they are morbidly obese, then jump on the starvation diet to drop the kilos as fast as possible?

25 November 2013

Families and FIFO

The negative effects of FIFO work on family and relationships is an oft-discussed topic. Being away for anything up to four weeks in one go is a tough ask for anyone, but would be especially challenging for those with family at home.

18 November 2013

Do Industrial Businesses really need Brands?

Having worked for one of the major Brewers for many years I was acutely aware of the value of our Brands. Indeed every year we used to appoint a brand valuation team to come in and measure the intangible assets which were under our stewardship.

11 November 2013

Interbrand’s Top Brands of 2013

Every year since 2000, Interbrand has published an annual Best Global Brands report. Taking into account 3 factors – financial performance, influence over consumer choice, and brand strength – this report ranks every prominent brand competitively. This year, for the first time, Coca-Cola is not the top brand on the list. The brand responsible for ending this streak of success is, of course, Apple.

29 October 2013