Yearly Archives: 2012

Counting the Cost of Turnover in WA

The Executive Director of the Right Group Anthony Joy was recently interviewed by the WA Business News. The article centred on the cost of turnover in WA Industry. Some of the key research that was undertaken as background for the article is outlined below.

26 November 2012

The mood in cultural change

An organisation’s culture is really the sum of many small parts. These parts are essentially the interactions between employees, their colleagues, management, leaders, and even customers, suppliers and those external to the organisation. Sometimes these interactions are defined by processes and embedded into systems.

5 November 2012

Growing a Brand in the Contracting Market – “The Partner Paradox”

Not all brands are created equally; some categories are more difficult to grow brands in than others. Many would argue that service companies or contracting companies may be the most difficult categories in which to grow a brand.

26 October 2012

Culture’s increased importance in a FIFO environment

It is well documented that Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) lifestyles can put increasing strain on employees’ personal lives. They lose out on the day to day of family life for weeks on end, only to have small pockets of time back at home to ‘catch up’ on home life. Before they know it, they are back away, onsite again.

17 October 2012

Being Social for Brand Success

Brand success is increasingly being associated with brands that are social. Brands that interact with their stakeholders, particularly consumers via social media.

10 October 2012

Why Brand and Culture are Linked

20 years ago Brand Managers were able to seamlessly create, control and manage their brands. We carefully crafted pack design, created advertising that would appeal to our target consumers, ensured that our products were sold in the right stores and skilfully managed public relations in keeping with how we wanted to position the brand.

2 October 2012