Yearly Archives: 2011

Leadership – Taking Your Brand to the Frontline

The importance of the role of manager’s play in infusing real change is under-estimated in most organisations. Whilst it’s true that perhaps certain leaders are borne, the significant majority are developed into becoming leaders.

29 December 2011

Influencing Organisational Culture

Naturally, having a strong culture is great competitive advantage; indeed the strength of corporate culture can significantly affect corporate policies such as employment, managerial and financial structures. Organisational culture directly influences the likelihood of success for a company’s change strategies.

22 December 2011

Will you be coming back to an empty office in the New Year?

New Year’s resolutions: typically they involve trying to change oneself for the better. The New Year brings about a new resolve to improve their lives –a new diet, new exercise regime or in some cases, a new job. For any business, this time of self-improvement can come at a cost in the form of employee turnover.

16 December 2011

Market Research: Denial is not a river in Egypt

One of the most challenging moments for market researchers and consultants can be when a client says “I don’t believe the research finding, our company is not that bad.” After taking in a few deep breaths to calmyourself, how do you deal with this type of reaction from a client?

13 December 2011

Meaningful Employment Value Propositions for Generation Y

Generation Y is widely defined as the people born between 1982 and 2000. In total there are in excess of 5.15million Generation Y people currently living in Australia. Understanding how they view the world is critical as Employers grapple with skills shortages and an ageing population.

5 December 2011

Brand is Image and Image is Brand….

For those that believe brand and image are separate and in no way linked may need to rethink their position. In the media recently have been two prime examples of how brand and image are closely interrelated, albeit almost the same thing.

30 November 2011