Yearly Archives: 2010

Recession Beating People Strategy

As 2010 draws to a close, there’s opportunity to reflect upon issues most Executives faced and continue to do so to this day such as the layover from the GFC, downsizing, the now present skills gaps & a definitive lack of Employee Engagement.

21 December 2010

Taking advantage of tough conditions by building brand loyalty

There’s no doubting that Australia has largely dodged the GFC. On the whole, our economy continues to recover, thanks largely to iron ore demand from China. And whilst life is rosy in the mining sector, many other industries are struggling to recover. Recent interest rate rises and falling consumer confidence is causing many businesses to be cautious.

10 December 2010

Building Brand Value for Both Customers and Employees

According to many experts we are now in the decade of the brand. However, it may be more accurate to say that we are in the decade of brand management. After all, brands have been around for a long time.

6 December 2010

Using Social Media to Build trust and drive your Brand

Today, if an Internet user types the name of any leading brand into a search engine, the top five results will includes not only the corporate webpage, but also the corresponding entry in the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

30 November 2010

Measuring Brand Equity

Brands today play an increasing number of important roles. They improve consumers’ lives, influence their purchasing behaviour and enhance the financial value of companies. More importantly though, they differentiate your product or service from other products and services designed to satisfy the same need.

19 November 2010

Understanding Your Pricing Competitiveness

The price of a product or service represents more than just a figure on a tag. Price comes in many forms and performs many functions. Wages, commissions, rates, rent, fees are all examples of the price we pay for a product or service.

15 November 2010